Staff Guide

This is a simplified training for newer staff users of Bright Arrow.  It is not intended as a full instructor-led training, but as a reference.

From your Illuminate Dashboard, click the Bright Arrow tile.

Then Sign in with Google:


Here is your starting point, the List(s)

Click the edit-pencil or the list name to see who is there.  Click BACK TO MY LISTS when you are done here.


Click the checkbox for the list and select “Create new message” from the pull-down menu:

This is your work area.  Select the type of message and then work your way down to the bottom.  Add text as needed and when you get to the bottom, you can schedule it for later or send “NOW”


For a simple email, type your message, check the subject line etc (below) and away you go!


Be sure to Click Preview Email to send yourself a copy:

Enter your own address and see what it will look like for parents.

You can also change the Email Subject etc.  If you want to send it later on, click the “Pre-Scheduled” checkbox and select a date/time.  Then at the very bottom you can save, cancel, or “send now”

To send just a TEXT, click the “texting” option and fill in your message.

Keep it to 160 characters.

To send both Email AND Texts, you can open up a side-by-side window for each part.  Click “alternative typed message” and select “Text Message”

The email message can now be longer than the text message.

For more than a simple message, open the HTML Email editor.  Click the button next to the words “HTML Email”  It opens a new window.

In the new window, you have options more like a word processor.  You can send attachments or web-links. Click OK to return to the message page.


To make changes, click the “Edit HTML Email” button.

Click the Pre-Scheduled checkbox to schedule delivery for later. Pick your dates/times and then click “Save and Close”

At the very bottom are your choices to end the message.  Most common is to click the “Send Message Now” button.  If you change your mind altogether, click Cancel.


Note, there is a smart-phone APP for Bright Arrow Target.
It doesn’t use your Google Login (yet) so enter your email address and click that you “forgot your password”

Apple OS: